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The Materials
Solid wood is a natural and lasting material. Wood becomes more and more beautiful with time. It radiates warmth and a sense of quality.

Wood is our favourite basic material and we always choose the best walnut and oaks. All of our woods come, of course, from sustainable and certified plantations. Other types of certified woods are available. We also offer fine ash and teak. All woods are solid, never veneered.

Other materials are stainless steel, brushed or polished aluminum, hardened matte or clear glass and granite. All fittings and all moving or sliding parts are of the finest quality.

» All woods are solid, never veneered. «
Sustainability Statement.

Hansen Kitchen has produced furniture in an environmentally friendly manner since 1998. As a result, we have been in concert with the long and widely held Scandinavian philosophy of environmental awareness combined with responsible design and manufacturing practices.

Hansen Kitchen furniture is hand built with eco-friendly materials by craftsmen at our own workshop. Hansen produces kitchen furniture in oak, American walnut, maple, and ash. The finishes we use are 100% linseed oil and soap. Other products used in the production of Hansen furniture, such as glues, are water based. 

» built with eco-friendly materials «

An Important Dimension in Sustainability

Hansen furniture is designed to last. The furniture we produce is ever renewable. You may choose how you would like your furniture to age - with its natural patina as your other fine furniture ages, or with occasional refinishing to look like new. A light sanding with oil over the course of an hour or less, brings back the finish, as new.

Thus, Hansen Kitchen, being made of solid wood and ever renewable as desired, is fundamentally designed to last, literally, decades. The longevity that is designed into a Hansen kitchen provides an additional sustainable dimension to the furniture, an exclusive and important innovation.

» designed to last, literally, decades «

The Healthy Kitchen

Hansen Kitchen is, perhaps, the most healthy kitchen one can own.

The open nature of the furniture construction is designed for fresh, circulating, airflow surrounding all components. As a result, stale air, mold and vermin are not an issue, as these toxins cannot be trapped within the furniture. The perforated holes in the drawer bottoms allow for crumbs and dirt to fall to the floor for a natural clean up. The extra height of the open space below the furniture allows for easy cleaning access. Ergonomically designed drawers provide comfort and efficiency throughout the cooking process. 

Hansen Kitchen was designed by Knud Kapper, with purpose, for the utmost in comfort, cleanliness, and sustainability. Knud Kapper continues his design work every day to create ever more product enhancements where he sees fit.

» perhaps the most healthy kitchen one can own «
The Designer
The Materials
The Craft
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