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The designer at work
The Designer
Knud Kapper holds a MA degree in architecture from the Royal Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Copenhagen. He studied with renowned designers of classic Danish modern furniture like Poul Kjærholm and Ole Wanscher. Apart from furniture Knud Kapper has designed houses in Denmark, France and Italy.

The Hansen Kitchen range of kitchens, baths and furniture may very well become ”classics”. The collection is built from the very best materials in a style likely to outlive superficial trends. Products from Hansen Kitchen will last for decades and will not go out of fashion.

Knud Kapper developed his particular interest in kitchen design when he was introduced to some of Denmark’s and Europe’s finest chefs. Not only did he admire their exquisite food but also took a keen interest in their professional craft, the way they worked, their professional kitchens and their tools. He compares their skills to that of artists but also stresses the importance of humble everyday cooking. Consequently he wanted to design the best possible kitchen.

A kitchen from Hansen Kitchen is a functional workshop, a furnace and a place to gather. A well designed kitchen should simply invite you to cook well and thus enrich your everyday life.

» A well designed kitchen should simply invite you to cook well «
The Designer
The Materials
The Craft
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